Who is Xanadu Luxury?


Our Story began in 2011, our aim was to enable wealthy individuals to shop for luxury assets across the entire luxury market under one roof, to save time and money. We launched our very own publication called Xanadu Luxury Index which we later renamed Bonus Magazine. This publication was the ultimate catalog where individuals could flick through and see precisely what dealers and agencies had to offer from around the globe. The publication was very well received by over 250k readers, we marketed well over $1.9 billion worth of assets in each issue, with our most significant issue where we had over $7 billion of assets.

Since the beginning, we have marketed over $56.3 billion worth of assets.

Later in 2015, the magazine evolved into an exclusive club call The Keep Club.

The Club has been supporting its members by giving them advice on purchasing, selling and acting as their private consultant. We have seen our membership grow from 1,890 to over 32,000 at the end of 2017.

In December 2017 we launched our very own publication called Asset Intelligence, breaking the trend of how luxury consumers get information about the market, but most importantly, producing a publication that brings all areas of the luxury market under one title. This title reaches over 385k wealthy individuals around the globe. All our editorial features are written in a simple fashion, so no matter who picks up the publication, we make sure that they can read and understand the features whether they were 12 years old to 90 years.


What We Do?


We have an amazing ability to connect to a large circle of wealthy individuals from around the world from all sectors. With our own private club and publication, we have an audience that is ACTIVELY looking for new opportunities from the luxury market. We also offer advice to brands that are looking to launch or push a particular product that this aimed at the wealthy. Our IN-HOUSE publication, which is read by over 380k wealthy individuals every month, means we have the perfect audience and platform.

There are two tools that we can use, and the first is our Keep Club platform where we list assets from dealers, agencies and partners for our members. Secondly we have our own publication which is read and trusted by members. We are the perfect company that can enable you to grow your reach, presence and lead generation within the luxury market.



Asset Experience

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Security Box Vault sold with Gold coins. Could be located to anywhere around the world.

Security Box Vault sold with Gold coins. Could be located to anywhere around the world.

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Publicity - Gold Coins

Publicity - Gold Coins

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The Numbers


We have dealt with over $56 billion worth of since 2011, which means that every year so far we have marketed, consulted and promoted over $8 billion worth of assets. We know exactly how the wealthy spend their monies, where they travel to, right down to their favorite holiday destination. Every member is different and has their own requirements to which we recognise, this is why it can take up to three months to approve a single applications. The same applies for the assets that we work with, we ensure that they are original and well documented. We have our own team and connections that we use to verify any and all information, leaving nothing to chance. 

The Breakdown

This chart shows value of assets that we have worked with since 2011.


This chart shows a breakdown of marketing conversion since 2011.