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Incredibly, 97 percent of the sea-floor is completely unexplored. As soon as you vent the ballast tanks on your luxury sub and dive below the surface, it is quite likely that you will experience a part of the ocean that no one on Earth has seen before. And you are doing it in perfect air-conditioned comfort and safety.

Imagine being able to provide family and friends this unique opportunity to explore the fabulous majesty of the undersea world. Letting them interact, up close and personally, with the myriad inhabitants of the deep. This is the finest type of adventure – safe, comfortable, fascinating and rare.

Diving way beyond the capabilities of SCUBA divers, you’ll enjoy a unique opportunity to see huge barrel sponges, photoluminescent creatures of all types, rare invertebrates, unique deep water fish and massive sixgill sharks.


Our submarines can be enjoyed by anyone from five to 95 years old. A guest aboard a Triton can stay comfortably submerged for up to 12 hours, in an air conditioned and temperature controlled environment.

Regardless of depth, the interior of the passenger cabin remains at one atmosphere; surface pressure. As a result, a Triton can ascend and descend rapidly with passengers fully protected from the pressure-induced physiological effects experienced by SCUBA divers, for example nitrogen narcosis or 'the bends'.

Membership Benefits

Deciding to buy a submarine has never been easier and as a member of The Keep Club you also have advantage to receiving between £10,000 to £100,000 reward when you purchase a submersible.

All savings and rewards go directly to the members personal Club Mastercard.

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