About Us


Let me ask you a question, when was the last time you were rewarded for your hard work? When was the last time you were part of a club that gave something back to its members and we are not talking about being invited to an exclusive party or discounts at their restaurant, but gave something back that was a true reward?

For the first time you can join a club that rewards its members for rewarding themselves, a club that offers more than just networking opportunities and exclusive parties, but the chance to save money on purchases that matter to you. Whether you are buying a supercar or a property the club has your best interests at heart saving you from five to six figures on a purchase costs. As a club we don't offer points as a reward but real cash, funds that you can go and spend anywhere you want in the world.

As a club we have promoted over fifty six billion dollars worth of assets over the last seven years, bringing supercars, superyachts, real estate and private jets to potential buyers who were looking for the best assets on the market. Our experience working within luxury is strong with connections to all areas of the luxury market, so no matter what you are looking to buy, we can make it happen.

“When you become a member you will be given a bespoke membership card which also doubles as a Mastercard, so when you receive rewards through the club, they are transferred to your Mastercard for you can go away and spend it anywhere that accepts Mastercard, around thirty six million locations around the world. For the first time you are getting something back which is of value. Members can save over £30,000 in cash through the club and over £100,000 a year when using the club to buy real estate and supercars.”

Khawer Carr - Chief Executive Officer

By being a member of the club you have access to leading brands within the luxury sector that have one goal, to ensure you get 'the best experience'. Whether you are chartering a superyacht or a private jet you have the best team at your disposal saving you time & money, real money!

It is time that you joined a club that has you as an individual at the forefront, you are the priority, you come first, always.

This is a club for the few amongst the many.