Club Services

Members not only have access to leading luxury asset brands, but our own in-house services which are designed to lower purchase costs, speed up the overall transaction time but most importantly, to save money where possible. All our services are valid anywhere in the world.

Club Benefits

Supercar buyer

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Membership Benefits

Members can save anywhere from £5,000 to £100,000 plus when they use the club to purchase their supercar, no matter what they are looking for and where in the world the car may be. The club has worked with over £1.8 billion worth of exotic’s, classic, racing cars and collectible’s. Our CEO is a petrol head at heart, so our members are in good company.

We will deliver you vehicle by AIR any where in the world, paid for by the club.

First Class Traveler

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Membership Benefits

Members can receive anywhere from £300 per ticket/per flight plus in cash when they fly first class. We cover the member plus spouse and two children. We want to give you something back when flying long distance. This program is run through the club directly and is not affiliated with the airlines below.

Valid with the following airlines:

Emirates | Etihad Airways | American Airlines | Cathy Pacific | Lufthansa | Singapore Airlines | Qatar Airways | Air France

Real Estate & Private Island buyer


Membership Benefits

Majority of our members have multiple properties within their investment and personal portfolio, which is why they can save anywhere from £5,000 to £60,000 plus in commission and legal fees when purchasing through the club. With our own in house team of consultants and solicitors we can work quickly and efficiently to secure the property. No matter where our member wants to buy their next property from London to Tokyo, we have the resources to make it happen.

We can also arrange finance to assist with your purchase with ZERO brokerage fees as the club covers this for members, in addition we cover your purchase legal costs too.

Club Marketplace

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There is nothing worse than having an asset that you are trying to sell sit on the market and wondering to yourself, “why is it not selling?”. As a club we are more than just connecting luxury brands to members but also give sellers and buyers unique opportunities from members who are looking for a potential purchase. All our members have access to our online marketplace where we have assets from brands around the world filtered by the club for their authenticity.

We will list and market your asset to new and existing members and best of all, this is included in the membership.