Membership Mastercard*

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Rewards like no other…

There are many reasons to join The Keep Club, but the number one factor for our members is that our membership cards are provided by Mastercard*. We place all rewards earned by our members on their personal card which means that members can freely spend their reward anywhere in the world at over 35 million locations. We want our members to feel valued and to know that The Keep Club has their interests at heart.

Members can build up a cash balance of over £70k+ per year and can save a further £100k+ using club services each year.

Highlights of your Membership Card:

  • Spend cash savings at over 35 million locations around the world

  • Make payments in-store, online or via contactless

  • Zero Fees on International transactions

  • All cards are made out of metal

  • Build a cash balance of £70,000 plus

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*Membership Mastercard is not a credit card or a debit card. Only available funds that members have been rewarded by the club can be spent.