Membership with us means you are no longer alone. Next time you are looking to spend money on luxury assets, for the first time you will be surrounded by like minded individuals who have a passion for spending money wisely and have leading brands from all sectors at your finger-tips.

Club Benefits

Real Estate & Private Island buyer


Buying a property is the best way to allocate funds and owning a healthy portfolio of real estate around the world is a wise move. Our members can save anywhere from £5,000 to £60,000 plus when purchasing a property with us.

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Jewellery Buyer


Time to build and grow your jewellery collection with pieces that you actually want. Our members have the freedom to choose pieces from any brand around the world, no matter where life takes them.

Members get to try before they buy through the club.

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Supercar buyer

Lamborghini Reventon.jpg

Owning a supercar is a tricky business, yes you have the wealth to buy any supercar on the market, but like any other asset it must have some long term residual value that will have a positive impact on your financial portfolio. We know and guide our members to purchase supercars that they can enjoy but also ensure it reflects well on their overall wealth.

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Club Marketplace

The Keep Club Site.png

Whether you are looking to sell or buy, by being part of The Keep Club you are in good company amongst like minded individuals. This means that no matter what you have to offer, we have the potential buyers ready to make a purchase.

With our own online Club Marketplace, we can list and market your asset which is included in your membership.

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First Class Traveler


Long distance flights don’t have to be expensive or stressful. We give our members cashback when they fly first class anywhere around the world. We know that you have worked hard for you cash, so here at the club we give each member something back as a reward.

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Partner Benefits

The Getaway

The Tailor

9063_Soneva Fushi Resort Villa 41-42.jpg

Trying to getaway from working life and simply disconnect is easier said than done, but we have some good news, as a club we have access to some of the most breath-taking islands in the Maldives and Thailand that making the escape is as simple as a phone-call, and as a bonus members can receive some amazing exclusive benefits too.

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Those moments when you get an invitation from a friend to join them for a cocktail on-board their superyacht during the Formula 1 in Monaco or when one of your investments is holding a formal dinner and you don’t have that perfect suit. Or maybe you always wanted a tailored suit but have never had the confidence to visit a tailor, we have all been there! Whatever your dilemma the club has you covered.

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Private Jet Charter


Whether you are flying short distances or long, our members get the best rates on the market, and receive a cash reward for every flight they book as a member. We know that our members are always on the move which is why our rewards for flight charter is unlimited for the duration of the membership.

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Yacht Charter

48 Running 2.jpg

For the first time our members get a discount and cashback when they charter a yacht through the club. We have access to the largest managed fleet and members get cash reward on yacht charters anywhere in the world from £20,000 to £600,000. Why not get rewarded when going on holiday.

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Superyacht Ownership


Buying a new yacht is a scary prospect and knowing where to start can be tough, but members of The Keep Club have direct access to the future of superyachts. Owning a yacht should a joy, but also financially rewarding and these yachts (like the image above) are designed to be used anywhere in the world. No limits to where you can go around the globe.

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Bespoke Furniture

Desk and Dining Table.JPG

When you have purchased a new home, knowing how to furnish it can be tricky. Members have access to DAVIDSON London who can guide you through the process by commissioning custom pieces that will ‘WOW’ guests and friends.

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Did you know that 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water and the Oceans hold 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water? We spend so much time either flying over or sailing on the sea that we don’t explore mysteries beneath the blue waves. Well, there is no excuses for it now, with submersibles from TRITON it is time to become a true explorer!

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