Buying a Rolls Royce is a journey in itself, deciding what colour you should have on the exterior, should it be two-tone and will it match the interior? Maybe a diamond-encrusted skylight ceiling? or how about a bespoke Champagne Chest?


That is correct, Rolls Royce now offers owners the unique opportunity to commission a bespoke Champagne Chest for those moments when you go for a picnic or the horse races. In short no matter where you are in the world, you will never be short of champagne for those special moments. Naturally, light their vehicles, the attention to detail and handcraftsmanship is what you would expect from a brand like Rolls Royce. The chassis is made from machined aluminium and carbon fibre and the, in addition, the use of Natural Grain black leather embossed with the enigmatic Spirit of Ecstasy. Naturally, all customisable.


Press the button and the top lifts up to double as a stunning serving tray, which is made of Tudor Oak wood, with a laser-cut stainless steel inlay. Inside the chest, you will find four champagne glasses and four cotton napkins which have 'RR' embroidered monograms, of course.

When opened the sides of the chest automatically deploy, revealing two hammocks adorned in ‘Hotspur Red’ Rolls Royce leather to cradle one’s preferred ensemble of either champagne, caviar or canapés. Thermal Champagne Coolers made from black anodised aluminium and carbon fibre each bear the ‘RR’ emblem, ensure the champagne is maintained at the optimum temperature.

A caviar configuration is available, whereby two thermal caviar caissons, each accommodating a 30g tin, complemented by two blini caissons proving an irresistible accompaniment to chilled champagne. Two exquisite Mother-of-Pearl spoons with anodised aluminium handles are housed magnetically at the top of the hammock, designed so as not to impair the delicate flavour of the caviar. An addition of three porcelain bowls concealed in a matching thermal capsule can be specified should owners want to present their friends with an alternative accompaniment to champagne.

The Rolls-Royce Champagne Chest is available to acquire through Rolls-Royce dealerships, with prices starting from £37,000.00 excluding local taxes.