#SALON QP 2018

You know you are approaching the Christmas season when you receive a Salon QP VIP invitation to attend the open VIP evening at the Saatchi Gallery bringing together some of the biggest watchmakers and brands from around the world.

For those who may not be aware of Salon QP, it is a three-day event where you get the opportunity to browse some of the most exclusive watches from brands like Bovet 1822, Czapek, and a Panerai. It is a time when you can try on a dozen watches all in one evening and can easily end up spending six figures. With a handle full of exclusive individuals who get invited to the VIP evening, it is a time when you can pull out your prized watch and wear it know that everyone you meet will be wearing their own watch which is equally amazing.

Wearing a watch today is not just a for time-keeping but a form of self-expression. It is an extension of your style. When you are deciding what to wear you coordinate it with your whole outfit whether you are man or women. A watch is a finishing piece.

Take a look at Salon QP website for all the gossip, news and announcements for all things watch related.