The New Year is here and only 3 months away from the annual bonuses now is a great time to look at potentially allocating the funds and there is no better way than buying property, so with that, here are two amazing properties from Gérard Faivre in France, known as France’s leading contemporary designers and why each property is unique and a work of art.

Domaine de Bigot - St Rémy de Provence

This a stunning traditional 18th century home that has over 10 hectares of land and 600m2 of living space, all this is located in the romantic village of St Rémy de Provence.

The property has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms and buyers can have the property fully furnished and ready to move in state.

Priced at €6.9 million

Call Gérard Faivre: +33 (0) 180 06 75 78

Mas Honorine - Les Baux de Provence

The second home is located in The Alpilles, nestled in the amazing Vallon de la Fontaine, the property is situated between Pavillon d'Amour de la Reine Jeanne and the entrance to the Valley of Hell which was made famous by Danté in his description of The Inferno in his classic poem, The Divine Comedy.

This is one of the most amazing interiors I have seen, with plenty of exposed natural stone and one the finest pools on the market. This is a property that will impress your friends and guests every time.

Priced at €7.2 million

Call Gérard Faivre: +33(0)180 06 75 78