Here is a something a little different, a bike for the ocean waves. This is a super cool toy to have, as you don’t need to put on a helmet or paddles, enabling you to hit the waves straight away. So what is a Schiller Water Bike? Effectively it is a bike and a catamaran combined. Taking only ten minutes to assemble, and can easily fit in most boats and cars and of course superyachts too.

The bike frame is made out of marine grade alloys and stainless steel and for proprietary propulsion, a high gloss carbon fibre outdrives and integrated handlebar steering. The bike has a cruising speed of 4-5mph with casual peddling and for those who are a little fitter, can achieve speeds of 10mph (10knots).


The bikes are not just for the sea, but if you have a villa by the lakes, they make a great addition to your tender and jetski and the beauty is, there is no learning curve, it is a bike. This makes a Schiller Bike enjoyable to your guests too.

You can purchase this bike for $5,500.

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