VERMA D’MELLO - Goa –India

Internationally acclaimed fashion designer Verma Dmello, Goas very own bridal queen has always used her platform to bring forward strong statements across supporting the social cause. 

Her designs have inevitably put Goa on spot as a best wedding destination. After her successful show at Bride Dubaï . 

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This reputed designer is based in Margao city where she runs “Verma the Bridal Studio”. Prior 14years, armed with a B.A. in Literature (Eng.) during 2 nd year of LLB, routed out for Fashion Designing at Regent Academy of Fine Arts (London). Verma has ever since dressed the brides of goa. She has put on many marvelous shows like *Grand fashion show with Mona Singh in 2003.  

*L’affair extraordinary in 2003. *Khadi goes global in 2009. 
*Salaam Goenkar in 2011. 
*Kochi Fashion Weeks. 
*Pune Fashion Weeks. 
* Goa Couture Week and the list are never-ending. 

She has also designed Femina Miss India contestant outfits furthermore Femina Miss India Internationals national outfit of the year 2009 (China). 

Few of her shows have been wonderfully dedicated to the Blind, Saluting Fatorda Heroes and creating cleanliness awareness of the Goan beaches. Platform well used I must say! And yet again! Here she is, standing firm, back to depict Goa in different moods. From a tribute to traditional artisans to the colourful festivals of Goa has been brought forward in a mesmerizing way.



The combination of different stanzas is more usual in the props of Alex Robe. A signature with high content in party and ceremony without leaving aside a casual and personalized ready to wear. From San Sebastian, she creates the brand and opens the atelier Alex Robe on 2011. Participate in different fashion presentation passerelle Gure Moda, Cook and fashion on Balenciaga museum on 2015 she and have some collaborations and coordination of fashion on Balenciaga museum.

Every year she presents the collection on a film festival of
Cannes and San Sebastian.


ANGGY HAIF since 1974
The ANGGY HAIF house wants to be a guardian of an exceptional know-how in both the finishing and the choice of materials. The creations are designed as unique works of art, as kinds of aesthetic icons. 


Worked piece by piece, they are produced with the techniques of luxury know-how. Fusions of ancestral cultures and contemporary visions, they play with the codes of modernity to combine traditional elegance with the luxury of noble materials and craftsmanship. 

His models concentrate the best of interbreeding between cultures, offering a dialogue between art and fashion. Particular attention is paid to the mixing of multiple materials, focusing on bright colors, symbols of joy and sun. They brew materials such as Ndop cotton, silk, wool and cashmere with leather, bark, raffia, lianas, etc. Finally, they seek to respect the environment for an eco-responsible fashion. The collections have the will to reconcile the man and the nature, by the use of natural materials treated in an ecological way. 

Throughout the collections, the creations invite us to marvel, transporting us, as by the magic of a motionless journey, through the diversity of cultures. We invite you to explore the timeless universe of Maison ANGGY