The Porsche dream was started by Ferdinand Porsche who already designed pioneering innovations for the automotive industry. In 1900 he built an electric car with a wheel hub drive and in the same year created a template for future hybrid vehicles with the development of mixed petrol-electric power terrain. 

It was his son who went on to realise the very first 356 in 1948. His son Ferry later went on to replace the 356 with the now 911, which has been built over a million times.

The future is bright, and it starts with Mission E, which is the first fully electric car from Zuffenhausen. The idea is that this will give you driving performance and forward thinking of everyday functionality.

The four-door model has performance power of over 440kw (600bhp) and a range of over 500km. With that much power, Mission E should be able to go from 0-100km in less than 3.5 seconds. The highlight is the charging time; 15 minutes should give you 80 percent charge.

Porsche has invested over one billion euros into this project, that is a serious commitment.