There are times when you wake up on a sunny Sunday morning, see the blue sky with not a cloud in sight, making it perfect to take your bike out onto the open road.

Here is a bike from BMW; R Nine T Scrambler which looks back at a more classic design of other scrambler bikes but you can use this almost anywhere, whether you are popping into the city to meet a friend for a coffee or heading to the mountain trailers. So what is a scrambler? A scrambler is a bike design to be used off-road, traditionally the bike was light, with a small fuel tank and the overall bike is compact. BMW has made this scrambler more usable both on and off-road.

Powering this bike is a classic air-cooled flat-twin boxer engine, with plenty of torque which produces an amazing soundtrack. With 110bhp it is enough to keep you thrilled when the road begins to get windy. You will also notice the two raised exhausts with silencers that meets the requirements of a traditional scrambler. Fitted close to the body making the overall bike look slimmer.

This is a great bike to own and as the summer season is ending with Autumn around the corner, BMW R Nine T Scrambler is a great choice no matter what the weather is doing.

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