Gulfstream 650 - The Ultimate Private Jet!


Gulfstream has a strong pedigree of producing some the most amazing private jets and here is the 650. This jet is our top pick for any wealthy individual who has to do business in multiple countries around the world. 

The Overview:

  • Maximum Range of 7,000 nautical miles or 12,964km
  • Up to 19 Passengers
  • Sleeps 10 passengers
  • Max speed Mach 0.925 (92 percent the speed of sound!)
  • Cruising altitude of 51,000ft

Using this amazing jet could mean that Los Angeles to London 30 minutes faster or New York to Tokyo almost an hour faster than a conventional commercial jet. Not only that but flying at over 45,000 ft feels like you are only flying at 4,000 ft. The cabin air pressure is twice as low as a traditional commercial jet. Lower cabin altitude means your heart and lungs don’t work as hard to oxygenate the blood, which reduces tiredness and ensures that upon arrival, you're more refreshed and ready for whatever you have planned.

Priced at: $64.5 million

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