*Jewellery Buyer


There are many watch clubs around the world, each offering something slightly different, but ultimately you are shown a collection that someone else has curated. As a member, with us you can choose any watch or a piece of jewellery from anywhere in the world no matter what brand it is. We know that your collection is unique to you, and only you should decide what is best for you.

*There is an additional cost for this service. Price upon Application

Membership Benefits

When a member is travelling and comes across a watch or jewellery pieces that they would like, members reach out to us to make the purchase and then deliver it directly to them. Members keep the piece for 60 days after which they can either return or keep the watch or jewellery. Members can save between £500 to £3,500 per year.

All savings/rewards go directly to the members personal Club Mastercard.

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