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Overwhelming sensuality, sweet and golden transgression

Ivana Ciabatti Chocolate is an homage to sin, a celebration of the art of Tuscan chocolatiers, creative and true innovators. The best cocoa in the world is combined with excellent fresh produce in a Tuscan workshop, in order to create top-quality handmade praline, inspired by Italian Renaissance polychromy and embellished by Ivana Ciabatti gold leaf. Gold infused liquors are also offered.

Membership Benefits

When an individual becomes a member they are given cash to spend immediately and exclusively at Ivana Ciabatti, in addition save money on every purchase money made through Ivana Ciabatti. So whether a member wants to send a unique box of chocolates or gold leaf infused gin and vodka, they save everytime. Members can save up to £2,000 per year in gift purchases!

All savings go directly to the members personal Club Mastercard.

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