Cape Hawk 690 - Location Portofino

Cape Hawk 690 - Location Portofino


Hawk Yachts was founded to challenge the yachting industry status quo by providing high value yachts with the capability to extend the potential usage to 50 weeks. In turn this creates the opportunity for a profitable return on yacht investment.

The Hawk Yachts objective of obtaining the highest standards in all aspects of its operation is assured through the formation of a formidable team; combining the foremost experts from their fields together with the most appropriate companies. Our team are among only a handful of individuals worldwide that have firsthand experience of both expedition yachting and captaining large luxury yachts.

Alongside our partners Swiss Ocean, Sea Chefs, Partn’air, Beiderbeck and Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, we have the expertise to create functional yachts that are not just designed to meet specifications, but that can fulfill the specific requirements of the crew and the guests when visiting extreme locations.



Membership Benefits

Our members have an opportunity to design your own yacht, profile and general Arrangement supplied. See your vision come to life and take the first step in owning a superyacht that will change your life.

Covering areas like:-

  • Size/Volume

  • Is it for private use or charter or both

  • Owner family profile Adults/Children/Staff

  • Number of Guests 12-36

  • The region of operation, Mediterranean? Expedition?

  • All Purpose?

  • Leisure interests, sports requirements – Jacuzzi, spa, diving, tennis, golf, swimming pool

  • Focus indoor or outdoor, or both?

  • Any special features/styles

  • Environmental impact concerns