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DAVIDSON are best known for creating beautifully made free-standing and fitted furniture of an exceptional quality with exquisite attention to detail. A family business that has thrived with a beautiful showroom in Chelsea, London where they exhibit their pieces with a talented team behind them.

Stylistically the furniture is very much contemporary with accents inspired from the earlier periods of the last century. The signature look is elegant with clean lines and perfect proportions, all flawlessly finished to create furniture that has timeless luxury appeal. Their beautiful collection is fully customisable allowing clients to add their own personal touch. All available in the size and finish requested, of which there are many fine timbers, lacquers and innovative finishes to choose from. All DAVIDSON furniture is made to order, each piece being hand made by skilled British artisans in 10-14 weeks.

With clientele spanning the globe, DAVIDSON specialise mainly in the residential sector but also luxury hotel groups, superyachts and the high end commercial sector.



Membership Benefits

When a member makes purchases through Davidson London, they can save from £250 to £3,000 per item purchased and don’t forget seasonal items too, were members can save even more. Members benefit as there is no limit to how many pieces you purchase and as a bonus the Club will cover delivery costs so members get their orders anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently.

All savings go directly to the members personal Club Mastercard.



101 Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, London, SW10 0XE

+44 (0)207 7515 537