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Private Jet Broker


Membership Benefits

We know that our members are busy individuals which is why our members save £1,775 to THE SKY IS THE LIMIT when they charter a jet as a member through Shy Aviation no matter where the member is in the world. Our members get rewarded everytime they are in the air, and as a bonus members can save that little bit more when they book a private jet and a superyacht charter as a member of The Keep Club.

All savings go directly to the members personal Club Mastercard.

Yacht Broker

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Membership Benefits

Our members have the unique opportunity to get a percent of what they spend on a superyacht charter back, something that no other club in world offers.

Members can save between £700 to £21,000 when chartering a yacht anywhere in the world as a member through our yachting partner Ocean Independence. We are the only club of this type that reward it’s members when they reward themselves.

All savings go directly to the members personal Club Mastercard.

Yacht Builder

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Membership Benefits

Our members have an opportunity to design your own yacht, profile and general Arrangement supplied. See your vision come to life and take the first step in owning a superyacht that will change your life.

Covering areas like:-

  • Is it for private use or charter or both

  • The region of operation, Mediterranean? Expedition?

  • Leisure interests, sports requirements – Jacuzzi, spa, diving, tennis, golf, swimming pool




Deciding to buy a submarine has never been easier and as a member of The Keep Club you also have advantage to receiving between £10,000 to £100,000 reward when you purchase a submersible.

We are also working with Triton to offer unique experiences with their submarines at select locations around the world.

All savings go directly to the members personal Club Mastercard.

Bespoke furniture

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When a member makes purchases through Davidson London, they can save from £250 to £3,000 per item purchased and don’t forget seasonal items too, were members can save even more. Members benefit as there is no limit to how many pieces you purchase and as a bonus the Club will cover delivery costs so members get their orders anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently.

All savings go directly to the members personal Club Mastercard.

The Tailor



Our members can receive between £100 to £1000 reward for purchasing a suit from Octavian K. Club. Furthermore they can save from £500 to £2000 per garment purchased as members, along with personalised fabric swatches. Members will also receive a £300 worth luxury gift box, containing the finest gentlemen’s accessories like gold & silver plated lapel pins, ties and pocket squares. 

Octavian K. can visit you in person across Europe whether it is at your hotel, villa and or superyacht.

All savings go directly to the members personal Club Mastercard.

The Getaway

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Membership Benefits

Soneva is the place to go when you are looking to getaway from it all, whether it is alone or with family & friends. From the breath taking views to the mouth watering cuisine, it won’t be long until you have their booking number on speed dial. Members have access to exclusive rates with Soneva and with every booking get rewarded by the club for rewarding themselves. Members can expect to receive between £500 to £5,000 back to their Mastercard.

All savings go directly to the members personal Club Mastercard.

The Money

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It’s Personal

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Working together with Philip Potter & Associates we are able to save our members five to six figures when arranging finance to purchase a new home or a piece of real estate to add to their existing Investment Portfolio. Whether our member is looking for residential or commercial, we have got you covered.

The firm also offers:

Mortgages & remortgages | Equity release | Bridging finance* | Commercial Loans* | Placing policies in trust | Will and Estate Planning*

Together, we can also finance purchases regarding Yachting, Private Jet and Submersibles.


Membership Benefits

Whether you are single or need some advice when it comes to fashion, health or maybe something more intimate. Those of you who are single, Lisa Palmer, the owner and founder has wealth of experience when it comes to finding the perfect partner for for you.

Here are some of the services from our partner:

  • Personal Shopper & Image Consultant

  • Skin Care Rejuvenation

  • Sex Clinic

  • Hairloss



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Membership Benefits

We want our members to be safe no matter where in the world they maybe, whether it is at their private residence or an event, working with Intrepid Risk Management, we can ensure that no harm comes to our members and/or their staff.


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