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Rather than write a long essay on the club and boasting about what we have done, let’s get straight to the point. Below are answers the key questions that you are thinking right now…

What is The Keep Club?

Ultimately we are concierge club for luxury assets, supercars, yachts, aviation, real estate, private islands and collectibles. We connect our members to trusted brands in different sectors. We work at the top end of luxury, assisting those who are looking to for example charter a superyacht or jet, purchase a property or private island. Along with this we enable our members to save money at the same time. Navigating the luxury market is easier said than done.

Do members really get real cash back and What is this Membership Mastercard?

In short yes, all our members get hard cash back when they use our partners or club services. We believe in putting our own money on the line too. Whenever a member for examples charters a jet or superyacht, they get cash as a reward and why not? We know that our members have worked hard to earn the cash they have, so why shouldn't they be given the opportunity to save money too? Our Membership Mastercard program is run directly by the Club through Mastercard. We also cover all costs when it comes to spending money internationally too.

What experience does the Club have?

Khawer Carr, the founder and CEO started the club over seven years ago with a brand called JamesEdition, marketing luxury assets to wealthy individuals around the world. To date, we have dealt with over $56 billion worth of assets and having helped members save five to six figures on purchases and sales, working behind the scenes to ensure that absolute discretion is applied to each transaction. Keep scrolling and you will see some of the assets that we have dealt with.

Why have I never heard of this Club before?

We get this a lot. Since the beginning, our purpose was to service members only, working in the background, we were the people to call when individuals and members wanted to acquire an asset without anyone knowing like friends, family, businesses and or colleagues. Everything we did for our members was completed with absolute discretion ensuring that all our transactions were away from any public eye, news outlets and pr agencies. Everything we did entailed multiple NDA's to ensure that our members and deals were never discussed beyond the necessary people involved for life. Members liked that we had their best and only interest. We spent time and money to ensure that we had no public image or presence until now, as we have re-launched the club with a new focus but continuing to offer the same services.

Who is The Keep Club aimed at?

We have spent several years working with a wide spectrum of wealthy individuals from $10 million to billionaires. However, we spent a lot of time coaching new multi-millionaires on how to spend their money, ensuring that every purchase would reflect positively on their overall wealth portfolio. We know that it is easier to spend money than making it. Our core focus for the club are those who are growing their wealth, individuals and families worth between $10 million to $800 million, we find that those in this bracket are growing their wealth year on year.

What does The Keep Club mean?

The company is actually Xanadu Luxury Ltd.

Xanadu [zan-uh-doo, -dyoo]

noun - ‘a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment.'

Keep [keep]

verb - 'to hold or retain in one's possession; hold as one's own'

In a time when Royals and Nobles had Palaces and Castles, they would have a 'Keep', a building or tower where they would store their most treasured assets, from gold, art, family heirlooms and or anything of value. The ‘Keep’ would be surrounded by their best guards.

“When you become a member you will be given a bespoke membership card which also doubles as a Mastercard, so when you receive rewards through the club, they are transferred to your Mastercard for you can go away and spend it anywhere that accepts Mastercard, around thirty six million locations around the world. For the first time you are getting something back which is of value. Members can save over £30,000 in cash through the club and over £100,000 a year when using the club to buy real estate and supercars.”

Khawer Carr - Chief Executive Officer

By being a member of the club members have access to leading brands within the luxury sector that have one goal, to ensure you get 'the best experience'. Whether you are chartering a superyacht or a private jet you have the best team at your disposal saving you time & money, real money!

It is time that you joined a club that has you as an individual at the forefront, you are the priority, you come first, always.

This is a club for the few amongst the many.

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The Numbers

We have dealt with over $56 billion worth of since 2011, which means that every year so far we have marketed, consulted and promoted over $8 billion worth of assets. Every member is different and has their own requirements to which we recognise, this is why it can take up to three months to approve a single applications. The same applies for the assets that we work with, we ensure that they are original and well documented. We have our own team and connections that we use to verify any and all information, leaving nothing to chance. 


The Breakdown

This chart shows value of assets that we have worked with since 2011.


This chart shows a breakdown of marketing conversion since 2011.


Collectable 1.png
Collectable 5.png
Collectable 2.png
Collectable 3.png
Collectable 4.png
Collectable 6.png


Motors 1.png
Motors 2.png
Motors 3.png
Motors 5.png
Motors 4.png
Motors 6.png
Motors 7.png


Aviation 2.png
Aviation 1.png
Aviation 3.png
Aviation 4.png
Aviation 5.png


Yachts 1.png
Yachts 2.png
Yachts 3.png
Yachts 4.png
Yachts 5.png

Real Estate & Private Islands

Property 1.png
Property 2.png
Property 3.png
Property 4.png
Property 5.png
Property 6.png
Property 7.png
Property 8.png
Property 9.png
Property 10.png