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Established in 2011, our single aim was and is to continue to make luxury assets more accessible to those that can afford them. To date, we have helped hundreds of members save money on transactions when purchasing a supercar, a property, a yacht, a private jet and or a private island. Over the years we have continued to bring over $56 billion worth of assets to members around the world.

We are the only club in the world to offer our bespoke Mastercard Cashback Program on high-value asset experiences, so whenever our member charters a superyacht or jet to going on holiday they get a cash reward. Our reward program spans the entire luxury sector, so no matter what our members are looking to purchase, sell or experience we got it covered.

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Aim: Setup a printed and digital catalog that would make it easier for wealthy individuals and families to see assets that were available across the entire luxury sector.

Result: A publication called Xanadu Luxury Index which was later renamed Bonus Magazine was published every month gaining over 1.6 million impressions per single issue. Readers from across 100 countries around the world. Each issue features roughly $2-3 billion assets. In 2015 the publication was suspended giving birth to The Keep Club. Later in 2016 parts of the club were sold, paving way for The Keep Club Phase 2.


Aim: Begin Phase 2, develop a cash reward club enabling members to receive cashback on transactions. In addition create a digital marketplace exclusively for members and to bring together leading brands for each sector under one brand.

Result: 2019, The Keep Club has over 7 brand partners from each luxury sector bringing their expertise to ensure members get the very best deal and experience with the support of the Club. In addition, built and developed a bespoke Mastercard program for members of the club.

Asset Intelligence Book is merged with the Club to form The Keep Club Journal.


Aim: Scout and prepare to establish a physical Hotel Club along the French Rivera exclusively for members to use.

Planned facilities to be made available to members:

  • Accommodation - 20-30 rooms

  • Complimentary access to a fleet of Supercars

  • Access the hotel via onsite Helipad from Nice Airport or Monaco

  • Onsite restaurant, gym, spa, wine cellar and local concierge team

Result: In Development


Aim: Scout and prepare to establish a private island resort exclusively for The Keep Club members.

Planned facilities to be made available to members:

  • 10-15 private one - three private villas

  • Private beaches

  • Onsite airstrip

  • Onsite restaurants, spa, wine cellar

  • Strictly members only

Result: In Development

“Luxury is the balance of design, in the sense of beauty and highest quality.”
Domenico de Sole


 Testimonials & Press

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Luxury Daily

‘Spanning industries
While there are some platforms that offer similar experiences or booking capabilities with secure transactions, The Keep Club is unique in that it spans sectors.’


Triton Submarines

“Fully appreciate the opportunity to partner with The Keep Club, an innovative and unique concierge service for discerning individuals. Together we'll go further!”

Craig Barnett, Sales and Marketing Manager



Real Estate PR Agency London

“Asset Intelligence is one of our preferred publications for targeting HNWIs on behalf of our luxury clients. With the wonderful editorial opportunities that Karl provides us, our clients can be assured that they exposed to some of the most affluent audiences both here in the UK and internationally.”

Top Marques Monaco

“In my role as Press and Communications Director for Top Marques, I have over the years tried to seek out media partnerships that will help to spread the word about our event to a very specific and targeted audience with the capacity to invest and enjoy the unique luxury items exhibited at the show. Karl and Asset Intelligence have proved time and time again to be that perfect medium. Karl’s extensive experience in high-end luxury marketing both digitally and in print as helped us immeasurably raise the profile of Top Marques and get the message out there. Karl has always been extremely professional, helpful and full of ideas and it is a pleasure to work with him.”


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Davidson London

“It is a pleasure working with Karl. With an assured and calm confidence, his approach to business is always very professional and he has always been extremely helpful and friendly.”

KK Superyachts

“Asset Intelligence and Karl have successfully helped us in promoting our featured content via their website and the printed issues of Asset Intel, and they have always been keen to publish our Sales and Charter Brokerage News.

The ultra-quick turnaround of our featured content on the site is testament to Karl’s professionalism and enthusiasm for the brand.”